Plan Bcp (Business continuity Planning)

Plan Bcp (Business continuity Planning)
SharePoint Swift C# .NET Windows Universal APP Azure

Industry: Software Solution

US and Canada based software solution company, working since 2009, had vision that anyone can develop a “Plan B” for his organization without consultants and experts.

challenges faced

To transform an idea into a functional software. Software that aids organization to maintain continuity of their business during crisis but its development was quite complex and tedious process

Technology Used

Windows Universal APP

solutions provide

  • When the client approached us with his idea we prepared a report which stated our understanding which after getting confirmed we prepared a mock document stating all the step and procedure that will be followed for developing the software. After approval from the client for the same we presented him with project model (Architecture) and after that we converted the same into the software tool.
  • We used SharePoint, Windows universal App, iOS universal App in such a way that even layman can use the tool without worrying about the technology.


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client Testimonials

Plan BCP - for everyone, everywhere, on every device; this vision was transformed into a software tool by 4C InfoEngg was very advantageous as it can run on multiple platforms which increases its applicability and usability. Business continuity planning is a tedious procedure but 4C made it a simple and effortless process for everyone.

CEO Software Company (US & Canada)