Matrix Mobile App

Matrix Mobile App
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Industry: Consulting

Our client 4C Consulting is a brand in ISO certification consulting sector, they cater the needs of well-known brands therefore the projects undertaken by them are also vast. They approached us to develop a system that will manage the entire consultation right from the scratch i.e. from identifying opportunities till certification.

challenges faced

4C Consulting was facing a major problem of data duplication which means a multiple entries for the same company having same ISO certification. Lead management was the second major issue, the sales team have to enter the lead data manually into excel sheet and so it was difficult to review the data for the management team. This process was very time consuming for the DEO as well as sales team.

Technology Used

.NET Core

solutions provide

  • Matrix application is a result application that has given a lot more transparency to the business owner, consultants and has streamlined the entire workflow of the business with improved productivity.
  • We had the required meeting sessions with our client discussing needful to get a detailed understanding of the process existing in the company. Accordingly, we developed this application.


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client Testimonials

We have a complex work structure requiring effective communication and setting of process flow which if not done properly will make the efforts futile. Matrix developed by InfoEngg was a boon for our organization as it integrated and automated all the functions of our organization, providing a single platform where all the work can be done nimbly and skillfully.

Sardul Patel Managing Director, 4C Consulting Private Limited.