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Industry: Manufacturing

Our client is a manufacturing company from Angola, recently they ventured in new product, as a result a new unit was setup and for this they appointed additional fifty employees which made their workforce of around hundred employees.

challenges faced

To develop a solution that will transform the entire manual HRM into an automated process, shortens processing time, reduces the complications and error involved, making the process smooth and accurate.

Technology Used

Windows Service
Sharepoint Spfx

solutions provide

  • We developed different modules that helps in human resource management. Each modules has detailed information which helps in handling of the workforce.
  • We provided a system that manages the entire lifecycle of an employee right from resume handling to retirement.
  • It helps in goal setting and tracking making the entire HR process easy and simple. The software manages the function of payroll generation, legislative compliance, tax compliance, reports based on MIS which helps in decision making.


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Faster and
easy access

client Testimonials

Our entire human resource management process was manual as a result lot of time was required to do a simple task like salary calculation but with E HRM we are now able to do the entire HRM process in just few click. We no longer have to stay tied to our desk all day long for it. E-HRM has reduced our workload to a large extent, brilliant product by an excellent team.

HR Head Manufacturing Company