Document Management System (DMC)

Document Management System(DMS)
.Net C# .Net MVC Office 365 MS SQL

Industry: manufacturing and engineering

Schilthorn Precision Engineering Private Limited (SPEL), is a manufacturing and engineering service provider, utilizing precision machinery & equipment for manufacturing and inspection.

challenges faced

A DMS in compliance with ISO 9001 that will help to create, review, publish and dispose of the document methodically, will centralizes the content and information making the entire work process digital.

Technology Used

Dot net MVC
Office 365

solutions provide

A resilient system was developed for our client. It had following functionality:

  • Digital Office Work: All important papers and documents were stored electronically resulting paperless office work.
  • Information Architecture: Information architecture determined the manner in which information of the site were organized and presented resulting in usability and functionality.
  • Retention policy: Retention policy predetermined the number after which particular file copies were deleted keeping only the latest copies.
  • Versioning: The iteration of documents were numbered and saved. This helped to avoid loss of data as versions were created and stored whenever any changes were made in it, thereby creating store of content in the Office 365 itself confirming safe progress of work. It also tracked who changed which document and when, allowing rolling back to previous version if needed.
  • Authorization: The authorization feature enabled only specific user to have access to particular document which ensured security and confidentiality of the content.
  • Approval: The approval function showed as which file or document was pending for approval. In short, it showed the status of particular document.
  • Filter and Tags: The filter and tags helped the user to refine and search particular document which resulted in easy and quick search of right document.


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client Testimonials

4C has provided a foolproof document management system that has comprehensive work module, integrating different process with DMS and automating the process for seamless performance on disjointed platform. Earlier, we had to deal with heaps of papers and files but with DMS our work has become paperless and well-Organized.

Shardul Patel (Managing Director) Schilthorn Precision Engineering