The flexibility of engagement

At 4C Consulting, we work closely with our clients by leveraging our flexible hiring models to deliver solutions that work for you, whether it is a one-time requirement or ongoing, multi-year projects. That’s why our process is completely flexible, built to let you make the most out of collaborating with us. Following are our engagement models, curated for your convenience.

Contract Hire

If you are encountered with unforeseen projects or business demands, especially short-term ones, this model is for you. The project begins with well-defined deliverables, timelines and budgets.

It is well suited to smaller projects where the scope of work is pre-determined.

Want To Grow

Pay-as-you-go Hire

In this model, our team charges you based on usage. You only pay for the services procured and the resources used, rather than provisioning in advance for a certain amount of resources that may or may not be used.

This form of engagement is for projects where the scope of work is not defined in advance, or where you expect the project to expand and grow as the process begins.

Want to leverage tech?

Team Hire

Through our team hire model, you can hire a combination of varied resources for your requirements. They are hired for pre-determined hourly or daily rates.

It is for those projects when you want complete control over and the undivided attention of your team. They focus solely on your requirements, for short-term and long-term projects.

Want a scalable team?